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Hello, I'm Mark Yannotta and welcome to my site. Learn to play golf from a Golf Digest Top 10 PGA Instructor in the State of New Jersey. My approach to teaching golf is simple. I focus on these basic elements:

  • Grip: Golf begins with a good grip.
  • Clubface: Even the pros get this wrong. I will show you the proper clubface relative to the target.
  • Ball Position: Can be the difference between an uncontrollable slice or hitting dead straight.
  • Alignment: Get this wrong and everything above doesn't matter!

Why Choose Mark?

If you want to:

  • Learn the greatest game ever played - doesn't matter if you are beginner or a scratch golfer
  • Minimize your 10 swing thoughts to 1, maybe 2 thoughts
  • Have more successfull rounds of golf this year
  • Bring your game to a new level - quickly!


Have a Canadian Tour Player/PGA Class A Member, and a New Jersey US Open Sectional Winner teach you every step of the way.

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In the news...

Congrats to Mary Cate McGlone - Winner of the 6th Morris County Championship

Mary Cate McGlone (white shirt), a Junior at Villa Walsh where I coach the Girls Varsity Golf team, recently took the title of the Morris County Girls HS Championship.

Mary Cate McGlone wins the NJAC Championship!

Mark Ties for Second in 2018 NJ Senior PGA Professional Championship

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In a field of the top 40 Senior PGA Professionals in the state vying to play in the 2018 National Sr PGA Championship in October, Mark tied for 2nd place with excellent ball striking and unwavering course managemnet. View Leaderboard

Hear from one of Mark's students...

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Hear what New Orleans Saints Linebacker Demario Davis has to say about Mark and his teaching fundamentals:

Mark's teaching has been the most instrumental in helping my golf swing. I believe in following details thoroughly yet maintaining a relaxed mind, which is the key to success in any sport. Mark's teaching helps me attain this with baby steps that are simple to learn, easy to do, and have a high probability of success when done correctly. — Demario Davis, NY Jets Linebacker

Proud of my youth students...

Kevin Ha (seated with trophy) plays for N.J. PGA Team in the Jon Pritsch Memorial Cup Cup between N.J. and Philadelphia jr players based on yearly performance. Kevin was #2 in the 11-15 division this summer. Congrats Kevin!

I'm proud of young Sophia Ha, third from the right, who finished first in the 2019 Spring Tournament at Farmstead in the US Kids North Jersey Tournament. Wow, I'm so proud of her accomplishments.

Mark, you are the only golf coach we had for her, thanks a lot for building a solid foundation for her. We are very happy and want to share the good news with you😄 - Sophia's Mom

Thirteen year old Kevin Ha, second from left, won the 2019 Spring Championship at Farmstead in the US Kids North Jersey Tournament. Excellent job Kevin!