Mark is here to help you succeed.

I'm Blushing!

Below are just a handful of the great things my students have said about me.

Mark's teaching has been the most instrumental in helping my golf swing. I believe in following details thoroughly yet maintaining a relaxed mind, which is the key to success in any sport. Mark's teaching helps me attain this with baby steps that are simple to learn, easy to do, and have a high probability of success when done correctly. — Demario Davis, New Orleans Saints Linebacker

By just correcting my golf grip, my whole golf swing was revolutionized. All I say is WOW! Coach Mark is the real deal. His simple approach to teaching golf (without the gimmicks and hoopla) really turned my game around in 2013. — Marlon H., West Orange, NJ

The universal truth of golf happened today (Sept. 2014). If you aim at the target, good things will happen. Ace!! — Jodi C., Livingston, NJ

Coach Mark, you're the best thing since sliced bread! You taugh me balance, a good grip, the proper circular path of the golf club. By correcting these things in a few lessons, I now crank the ball over the darn golf range net! I may have hit some cars on Route 280! I can't thank you enough for your simplicity in teaching the golf game. It was nice seeing you win the 2013 US Open Sectional Qualifier. — Marley Hicks, Brooklyn, NY

It has been a long search for me to find an instructor that possesses the quality, honesty, and professionalism that Mark so graciously share. I have seen more improvement in my swing in 15 minutes than I did in 15 years!! I am looking forward to our next learning experience. You have great vision for the sport. You are a true pioneer with your approach to teaching. — Charles Beyer, Springfield, NJ

After three 1/2 hour lessons, I shot a lifetime best 89 at Royce Brook and my back doesn't hurt!! Mark, you are the best. I look forward to our next session. — Steve Kindard, Somerset, NJ

I went from a handicap of 14 to 8 in one summer. Mark, a big thank you. — Bruce S., Jersey City, NJ

I went from shaking all the time with my pitching and chipping to making a hole-in-one. — Al O., Belleville, NJ

I started working with Mark during my first year on the high school golf team in 2013. He has helped my golf swing step by step, not overloading me with tons of information. It didn't take long before I started noticing the profound results. I have now earned a permanent spot on my golf team. I look forward to working with you next year Coach Mark. — Gina S., Junior Golfer, Chatham, NJ

Hey Mark, I shot a 76 at Berkshre two weeks ago and yesterday I shot a 75 at Sunset Valley. You've been a huge help. Thank you so much!— Len C., Whippany, NJ

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